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Why Commercial Cat Food Is Harmful To Your Cat's Health

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 21, 2005 11:00 am    Post subject: Why Commercial Cat Food Is Harmful To Your Cat's Health Reply with quote

Is your cat lethargic, has waxy ears, shedding more than usual, or if there's something wrong but you just can't put a finger on it? Then these are all common symptoms of a cat who is less than optimally healthy. When a cat is looking this poorly, it usually means sheís trying hard to move toxins out of her body. The skin is your catís largest eliminative organ, That means it works harder than the kidneys or liver to get rid of toxins.

When itís working hard at that job, the coat looks dull, falls out, and accumulates dander. Her ears are another place she uses to dump toxins out. That is why your cat is so waxy in there. Wax is a discharge, and her body is using it trying to get rid of toxins.

Where is your cat getting toxins from? Most commonly, from the cat food you buy at your local market. We unknowingly trust the cat foods we buy to be healthy, but in fact, most of them are not.

What about so called "Premium Brand Cat Foods"
The truth is, even expensive, veterinarian recommended cat food is commonly made with toxic ingredients. And you can easily find this out by reading the label.

All cats need much more protein in their diet than dogs, they are much more prone to the toxic effects of the food ingredient called by-products. Youíll notice that word higher on the list of ingredients in cat food than in dog food. Thatís where the protein is.

But what kind of protein? Well, By-products are those animals and parts of animals unfit for you and I to eat--unfit for human consumption. That can include animals in the 4-D category: dead, diseased, dying, or disabled when they arrive at the slaughter house. It can also include meat that spoils and even pets and horses whoíve been put to sleep! And it's all been endorsed by the government.

Though it's not fit for humans to eat, these ingredients are allowed in pet food. And thereís more.

The toxic preservatives are the same ones used in dog food: ethoxyquin, BHA, and BHT. These are each common in cat food.

Whatís even more critical for cats though, is the fact that cats are much more sensitive to toxicity than dogs or even people. Did you ever hear of the chemical toluene? Itís a close relative of benzene, and both are extremely toxic, especially hard on the liver. Cats are very sensitive to the ill effects of toluene. And now take a guess what the "T" in BHT stands for? Thatís right, itís none other than toluene!

And the first one, called ethoxyquin. This chemical preservative is classed as a pesticide and disallowed in human food for this very reason. The government wonít allow you to eat it because itís poison, yet they do allow it in pet food. And again, cats are extremely sensitive to toxins.

Cat food has another common chemical additive that most dog foods donít: artificial colors. Have you ever opened a box or bag of cat food and looked at it? It might have two or three bright colors in it!

Do you think your pet really cares what color her food is? Of course not! This is just a marketing ploy by pet food manufacturers to appeal to consumers. But, unfortunately for your cat, itís another way that toxic chemical ingredients make their way into her body and slowly poison her system.

Cat Toxicity Can Be Very Subtle
Cat toxicity can be subtle at first. They are not sick enough to stop eating (yet!). Finicky appetites are common. They sleep a lot and do not groom their whole body. Shedding all year round, they leave a good deal of hair on the floor, or on your hand when you pet them.

Youíll see waxy ears, notice bad breath, and smell overly odorous stools when they use the litter box. And youíll often see teary faces or gum in the corners of their eyes. This is almost always due to poor quality cat food! Even the expensive cat food brands that are called premium or labeled veterinarian-recommended.

The good news is that your cat can get over these common problems when they are switched to a healthy, all-natural cat food made with human quality ingredients. Often the improvements come after only a few weeks on the natural diet. Itís really remarkable to see cats get slick, shiny coats, stop their shedding, lose their dandruff, and start bringing you their toys again when all youíve done is feed them a healthy cat food!

Cats are designed to eat raw, unprocessed foods. Holistic vets have been recommending raw foods for cats for over 20 years.

Commercial cat food is processed and made into pellets in a process that robs them of their nutrients and important enzymes that your pet needs.
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 07, 2005 5:09 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Well, I've been feeding Purr a diet of various Hill's products, Prescription R/D for weight loss, Prescription T/D for dental care, Science Nature's Blend for adult cats, her entire life. Other than being somewhat overweight, the vet said she's otherwise healthy. I stopped feeding Purr the R/D formula because she threw it up way to much.
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 19, 2006 4:53 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks for the information. I will have to take a look at what is in the cat food I get.

It is really depressing that the companies get away with stuff like that.
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PostPosted: Fri Jun 30, 2006 8:57 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

bmason wrote:

It is really depressing that the companies get away with stuff like that.

Isn't it though? Confused
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