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Training Your Cat To Use Your Staywell Cat Flap

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 20, 2005 2:11 pm    Post subject: Training Your Cat To Use Your Staywell Cat Flap Reply with quote

Most cats will learn to use your cat flap almost at once but there are a few which may be a little nervous at first. The following tips, provided by a well-known consultant in animal behaviour, will help your pet to take full advantage of the outdoor freedom and indoor comfort - which you want for your cat - and which your new pet door provides.

The most important rule is to be patient with your cat. Donít be in a hurry~ Let your animal work out for itself that it can go in and out of doors. Donít force it through the flap or it may become frightened.

Many cat owners install pet doors when they move house. If this applies to you, make sure your animal is familiar with his or her surroundings before you fit the pet door. Take it on supervised trips outdoors on a leash, and make sure It also feels secure and comfortable in its new indoor environment. Cats can develop long-lasting fears in unfamiliar surroundings. Once you have installed your pet door leave it propped open for some time. You can do this with a piece of wood or by attaching a clothes peg to the top of one side of the flap, while it is open. Make sure that the fixing is secure so that the flaps cannot fall down accidentally. Let your cat become familiar with it and go in and out freely. Establish a motive for your cat to use the door. The obvious one is food. First feed the cat near the door, inside and then near the door outside. Repeat as often as you need to. Most cats, especially kittens, also have a strong urge for freedom, perhaps to hunt. Cats are also social creatures ó they enjoy the company of other cats. This can be another reason for them to explore outside.

It is a good idea not to use the lock for your pet door until your cat is thoroughly familiar with using the door. Your cat may become confused as to why you have installed it.
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